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What is Meraki?

Meraki is a Greek verb. To meraki your life means that you are doing it with soul, creativity, and love. Someone who merakis their life is not just going through the motions or surviving moment by moment. Instead they are giving it their full attention and energy. They have passion & focus in what they are doing. They are all in...and live purposefully & intentionally.

At Meraki we teach women how to meraki the things they want in life. Meraki is a Cincinnati based company that coaches women on the art of relaxation & rejuvenation. We talk about the topics that truly matter and make a difference in the big picture. We give ourselves time & space to take a breath, relax and reconnect with our bigger purpose & plan. We support one another and encourage each other to live our best life.

Someone recently asked me what type of woman I am gearing my Meraki events for and I fumbled with my answer. Looking back I think the answer is because they are for everyone. The really cool thing about our events is that we have women from all ages & stages. A high school student may be sitting next to a retiree. We have married & & no kids. We have teachers and creators and stay at home moms. We have groups of people and we have plenty of women that come on their own. The topics we discuss are relatable to just about every woman I know. They are things like incorporating gratitude, knowing our worth, creating a vision for our next steps, finding peace in a chaotic world. We teach women how to prevent and combat stress in order to live intentionally, with purpose & positivity.

Join us for our next monthly event. Come relax, enjoy some delicious coffee & desserts, meet some fantastic women, promote your business, learn about yourself and think about the bigger picture in life, be creative and learn tricks on how to be mindful and incorporate peace into your life. It's like a girls night out for the soul.

Meraki also provides services such as life coaching. Find your passion or plan your next step. A Meraki coach is here to help you along the process. We also love working with private groups. How many of us have sat through meetings or trainings that mean nothing to us as soon as we walk out the door. Imagine learning things that actually make a difference in our lives while bonding with the other people in our group.

There are so many things in our lives that require our attention. At Meraki we believe that taking care of you is one of the most important things you can do that will affect every area of your life. Let us help you learn how to meraki your life!

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