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What is a Life Coach??

Many of you may have heard the term life coach but there is a good possibility that you have no idea what that actually means. What the heck is a life coach and what do they actually do? A life coach is someone who helps you live your best life. Life coaches work with clients on all sorts of topics or issues. Some people may need help tackling a specific goal. Perhaps they want to find a new job, get more organized, improve a relationship, get fit, make more friends- the list can go on and on. Other people want to address the big picture and work on creating a vision for their life that manifests the things that they want. A life coach can help you see your best self and work with you to hold that vision on a daily basis until your dreams become reality. A life coach can help you reach clarity, take action and see results.

Many people wonder about the difference between counseling and coaching. There can be a lot of similarities in the process. It is important to remember that a life coach is not a licensed therapist. Many people consider a life coach as a personal trainer for your mind. The one big difference is that a life coach focuses on solutions instead of working through problems or issues. Coaching is focused on potential & growth as well as results. Life coaches do not diagnose and are not medical professionals. Life coaches do not analyze your past or treat emotional life trauma. Life coaches do not treat mental illnesses. Life coaches give you time, space, strategies & accountability on addressing things such as finding balance, improving your communication skills, creating a business plan, reaching financial independence, clarifying & achieving personal goals, A life coach will motivate & inspire you to have the life that you want. The goal of a life coach is to help you see changes in your life by design instead of by default.

Involving a life coach in your goals will help you bring clarity & accountability. Working with a life coach is an intentional step in creating the life that you want. Meraki is so excited to offer these services to our clients. We are happy to answer any questions you may have in the process. Contact today.

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