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Glass Etching- Easier than you think!

Hello Meraki tribe! You know that I love to craft, and I am always looking for new ways to stretch our creativity…

Glass etching...I have seen it but I had no idea how they did it. I assumed it was a fancy machine, an expensive process...nope! The good news is, I think we can all do it ! I have discovered the amazing power of etching gel and a simple sticker. Recently, I made these monogrammed glasses for my sister’s bridal shower and believe it or not, the entire process took less than an hour. I was able to give beautiful, expensive looking gifts that doubled for a decoration at the shower. They were super fun and fulfilling to create!

You will need a stencil to use with the etching gel and there are several ways to create the perfect one. I’ve listed the steps below to make the perfect etched glass craft.

1. Make a stencil. For those without a “cameo machine” at home - don’t be afraid to simply make it with paper! You just need to find and print the stencil you would like and cut out the image with an exacto knife. My preference is to use a sticker and peel out the monogram. I am able to make the stickers at the main public library in downtown Cincinnati. They have a user friendly Maker’s Space that is filled with amazing tools that you can use for an incredibly affordable price! It truly is one of the greatest secrets of Cincinnati! Note: if you use paper, make sure the stencil is tight on the glass - tape it to the glass so that the etching gel can’t get behind the paper.

2. Apply the gel. I bought Armour Etch at Michael’s for less than $10.00 (with a coupon!) and I can use for multiple projects - honestly, I didn’t use that much!

3. Use a paint brush to apply gel. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes and rinse off in the sink. Trick: make sure to keep it flat and even, don’t hold the glass upright, instead make sure it is level so that the gel doesn’t drip. Rinse it off flat too - don’t let the gel get behind the stencil.

4. Pat dry with towel, remove sticker/stencil.

5. DONE. What? That’s it!’s really that easy!! I love them..I was so excited! I bought the stemless martini glasses at a local shop that sells glassware in bulk. You know the best part??? The entire project was less than $1 a glass! I filled each glass with crinkle paper and hershey’s kisses (after is about love and kisses right?!). I tried both cellophane and clear bags to tie up the glasses but in the end I thought the bags were much easier. The ribbon around each glass was the perfect touch - the blackwatch plaid happens to match the material used for the adorable ring bearers in her upcoming wedding!

I was able to use the stickers that I peeled for the etched glass and applied them to the glasses I was using as the shower favor gift. I gave my sister a set of 12 beautifully etched glasses that she can use for entertaining. Can’t you just see these as the perfect cocktail or dessert glass? Ice cream sundae anyone...yes!

Craft away ladies! Let me know what you think - should we try this together at a Meraki event?

With Soul, Creativity, and Love,


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